Salvation, the Church, and the Molecular Biology of the Gnostics
by Paris Tosen

In ancient times, the creator was God and he was the chief scientist of creation. Until we discovered DNA in 1953. DNA has proven to be God’s toughest competitor. Both of them are invisible, omnipotent, omniscient and have mastered genetic manipulation.

In GOD is DNA, author Paris Tosen provides a radical, if not innovative, revision of the all-mighty father figure using ancient Gnostic teachings. Tosen delves into the Nag Hammadi codices, all authenticated by biblical scholars, this time using biology as his guide. Never before have spiritual gospels been translated into biological revelation. Christian or not, this truth is for everyone with DNA inside their body.

Using vivid examples, GOD is DNA makes a compelling case that worshiping an invisible man on a magic cloud isn’t just unscientific, but it is a direct rejection of what Jesus taught. The true Jesus was a microbiologist.

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We've doubled the information in this outstanding book! You will find an expanded discussion of Jesus. And you will enjoy a more evolved molecular hypothesis. Author Paris Tosen has put everything into this book. It's the most extraordinary book of our times. But that's because we've read it.

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For those who wish to skip the Jesus discussion, we now have God is DNA Special Edition. Gnosticism and microbiology are at the heart of this wonderful book.

God is DNA-Salvation Church Gnostics

5.2 x 8, 410 pp
ISBN 9781514302675
paperback, NONFICTION

published on June 11, 2015

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* These books may use Gnosticism and Buddhism to explain concepts in molecular biology and holographic technology. The author is neither a Gnostic, Buddhist nor is he a conventional scientist.

* Experts in Gnosticism, Biblical Scholars, and Coptologists have not sanctioned this book in any way.