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In his eBook "Why Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 Vanished," alternative thinker and researcher Paris Tosen presents his theory on Flight 370. It (actually) started in 2013. And it involves the U.S. and Russia.

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Why the eBook so soon after the plane accident?

It is very easy to have a tragic event become an unsolved mystery. This is one reason why I wrote my eBook, "Why Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 Vanished."

The mystery of Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 is (already) becoming legend. The theories. The confusion. The mystery. The delays. The sadness. The lack of evidence. The flip-flopping officials. The amazing conclusions. The rejection of the facts. The changing facts. The investigation that will take years. And the conspiracies. The list is endless.

This has all the markings of another long-term enigma, eg JFK, 9/11. And this event has the signature of design, and, as I will show, military involvement. Mercenaries.

One thing that rang true in this event was the presence of 'design'. And it's pretty impressive. And a little complicated. Still.

Think: Edward Snowden, Polar Vortex, Ukrainian coup, Crimea, military hijacking, remote control, CIA, Russia, Obama, Putin; and Malaysia Airlines Flight 370, the passengers and crew, their families. All connected.

My version of the MH370 deception is the one version that puts the loss of an entire plane of people into context. And context is everything.

When you understand the bigger story, you will see that the world is a much stranger place than you ever thought. You may even get a glimpse at how the world really works.


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