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Tarc. Protect your state of being.

Use the magic of electrons and bioelectricity to modulate your vibration.

What is the Tarc?

Tarc is a personal frequency modulator. This is the fourth-generation. In development for 8 years, Tarc marries advanced scientific ideas with modern evolutionary needs. It runs on bioelectricity and uses electrons to do its work.

Let the electrons flow.

Whether you’re brainstorming new ideas, managing negativity and depression or looking for a boost to your meditation, you need more electrons. Introducing the 4th-generation Tarc. A microchip-free electron modulator.

It only looks like magic.

Inventor Tosen thinks that Tarc 4 works by tuning the natural frequencies of the body through the management of ions and electrons. On that subtle field of energy, where fringe science resides, the electrical exchanges between cells and molecules begin to multiply. Bioelectricity begins to flow. You feel more connected. You resonate with the world. These subtle processes also enable higher levels of thinking.

IMAGE: Tarc 4 prototype

The Tarc 4 is being introduced in limited quantities to the public. Still in development, inventor Tosen feels that the technology can benefit users and is offering the device for sale.

Get a device at a promotional price of $79, including shipping.

Next build planned for Spring 2015.

Learn more about the Tarc here


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